Keynote speakers

An impressive line-up of keynote speakers has been secured that is guaranteed to excite and engage your mind. 

(1) Prof Sacha Epskamp, one of the pioneers in network modelling, will present a state-of-the art lecture on the Current State and Future of Network Psychometrics. 

(2) Prof Jonathan Templin, a renowned leader in the field of diagnostic classification models, will present a state-of the art lecture on Building a Diagnostic Model-Based Formative Assessment System for Personalizing Educational Progress. 

(3) Prof Anita Hubley, recognized internationally for her expertise in test development, validity, and psychological and health assessment, will share her expertise on best practices in testing and assessment with her talk on Contributions of Response Processes to Test Validation and Development. Given the impact of recent data protection and security developments on testing. 

(4) Dr John Fremer and Dr David Foster will discuss Challenges Confronted and Lessons Learned: Protecting Test Content and Personal Information from Test Security Threats in International Testing Programs.

(5) Prof Dragoș Iliescu‘s talk on Current research and practice on fairness and discrimination in personnel assessment will address the increasing importance of and challenges associated with equity and prejudice in personnel assessment. 

(6) Prof Lianzhen He will use China’s Standards of English framework as a case study and will share lessons learned for language learning, teaching, and assessment. 

(7) Prof Kurt Geisinger, Buros Center for Testing, ITC President 2018-2020: ITC Presidential Address

(8) Prof Dave Bartram, University of Kent, England, has been working on the design and implementation of the ITC Learning Centre, where ITC members will be able to access materials covering all areas of practice in tests and testing. This talk will describe the background to this development and what it could provide as a future role for the ITC given the global reach of this organization.

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