Guidelines on the Colloquium Portal

You will enter the Colloquium through its Portal. This is the centre of the venue and where you want to return to make further choices. 

From here you can go to:

  • Pick one of the programmes running in the conference rooms A, B, or C or the Poster Gallery
  • The Sponsors’ Exhibition Hall
  • The Meeting Place where you will find Zoom meetings to join in or you may set up meetings yourself.
  • The archives, which contain all the material from the previous day(s) of the Colloquium.
  • Or you can log out.

For an overview on how to access the Learning Centre and the Colloquium:

 watch the video or

 download the slides

If you choose to go to the current day’s programme you will reach this page:

This is showing the scheduled programme choices for Sunday 11th July. You can either click on a location and see what’s on or check the Colloquium programme to find where you should be going.

You can get to the Poster Gallery or any of the three presentation rooms from the Portal.

Return to the Portal to look into the archive. You can see that the Archive contains all the materials from Friday and Saturday.

If you return to the Portal, you can also select ‘What’s next?’ and see what is on the following day (i.e. in this case Monday).

The other two choices you have are the Meeting Room, where you can work with Zoom and the local chat facility to meet and greet people, and the Exhibition Hall, where you can contact a sponsor by clicking on their logo.