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Registration for the 12th Conference of the ITC  is open! Registration for the Colloquium will include:

  • Access to the conference sessions (includes the digital scheduled programme and online zoom meetings and events, networking platform).
  • Opportunity to participate in multiple networking activities with a diverse range of delegates using email, chat and Zoom meetings technology.
  • Participation in workshops is not included in the conference registration fee. There is a separate registration process and fee for workshops.
  • A wide range of options are now recognised as submissions in the ‘Posters’ category. These may be anything from a short research note to the equivalent of a full journal article of book chapter.
  • Presenters of oral papers can also add downloadable copies of their written papers or slide decks  to the Poster Gallery.
  • A printed programme is available to download as a pdf.

Go to Register & Pricing to check out the fees and make your application for registration.